Conveyable Fluids

Mohno Pumps are ideal for conveying fluids with
various properties, including low-/high-viscosity fluids at
high concentrations and fluids containing solids and bubbles.

With the ability to provide metered conveyance of both high-viscosity and low-viscosity fluids as well as alteration-free conveyance that prevents both crushing of solids in fluids and changes to the fluid itself, Mohno Pumps can be used with a wide variety of fluids.

  • Low-viscosity fluids

    Alcohol ,soy milk, milk, soy sauce, sake, juice, various drinks,wine, syrup, lotions, ink, solvents, sodium hypochlorite, etc.

  • High-viscosity fluids

    Honey, mayonnaise, ketchup, nori seaweed, condensed milk, butter, mizuame, bean paste, cosmetic cream, lipstick, ointment, viscous agents, metal paste, resist ink, insulating resin, pigment, adhesives, epoxy resin, vaseline, varnish, putty, etc.

  • Fluids containing solids

    Meat sauce, shiokara, corn soup, coarse bean paste, fillings for Chinese dumplings, potato salad, macaroni gratin, coleslaw, kimchi, ceramic slurry, electrode material, etc.

  • Non-flowable fluids

    Konjac raw material, fish paste, minced meat, cream cheese, sludge cakes, industrial waste water sludge, etc.

  • Fluids containing bubbles or
    fluids easily changed

    Beer, pastry dough, whipped cream, styling gel, shampoo, surfactants, emulsions, UV-curing resin, etc.

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