ProductsMicroliter Series

Pumps for continuous metered injection or minute amounts for
research and development applications



  • Capable of performing non-pulsating, continuous and metered injection even in minute amounts.
  • Capable of metered dispensing without changing the liquidity of the substance, even for liquids containing solid components.
  • Simple structure with a small number of parts for easy disassembly and cleaning.
  • Because the flow rate per unit time is directly proportional to the rotational speed, the flow rate can be set or changed just by controlling the motor.


Discharge volume : 2.42〜517 µmL/sec (0.145〜31 mL/min)
Discharge pressure : MAX 0.9 MPa

Conveyance examples

UV-curing resin, acrylic resin, pigments, additives, coating fluid
Electrical machinery
Electrode materials, electrolyte

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