Heishin products are used for conveying, drawing, mixing, and
filling beverages, brewed food, seasonings, and
other prepared dishes.

The foods we eat are many and varied, including beverages, confectionery, bread, meat, fish and meat paste, frozen and other ready-made packed food, brewed food, seasonings, dairy products, and various other prepared dishes. Mohno Pumps have been adopted by food production sites that handle high-viscosity fluids, non-flowable fluids, fluids with solids, fiber and/or bubbles, and delicate fluids.

  • Metered filling of cans with seasoning fluid
  • Mixing or conveying alcohol into raw miso paste
  • Filling of a small bag with sesame seed dressing
  • Sequential filling of seasoning including ingredients in six places
  • Suction of margarine from drums
  • Mixing of mayonnaise and shredded vegetables
  • Automatic injection of miso paste into a kneader
  • Filling a bag-in-box container with sauce
  • Mixing or continuous metered supply of food additives
  • Automatic filling of potato salad without crushing
  • Automation of filling operation of curry roux
  • Automatic branched supply of ingredients for hamburg steak
  • Metered filling of minced fish
  • Stable conveying of tomato paste
  • Continuous metered mixing of yogurt with fruit pulp

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