ApplicationsBatter (raw material for fried foods) with chicken

Improving production efficiency by automatic supply of battered chicken

Fluid name: Batter (raw material for fried foods) with chicken
/ Industry type: Food

Current Problem/Request

The current production line for deep-fried chicken is as follows: 1. Load the battered chicken from the meat wagon onto the conveyor (supply); 2. Arrange the chicken on the conveyor (alignment); 3. Apply the sauce; 4. Set the temperature of the fryer (temperature adjustment). All of these processes are done manually, but there were the following problems.

  • Arranging the chicken took time and could not keep up with the speed of the conveyor. It was necessary to stop the conveyor to perform this work.
  • If the amount inserted into the fryer varied, the fryer's temperature would go up or down, necessitating adjustment.


We recommended NVL Mohno Pump, which is capable of automatic supply without damaging the battered chicken, as well as being able to adjust the supply amount.


  • Supply to the conveyor was automated.
  • On top of operating speed, it is able to provide metered supply of chicken, eliminating the need for conveyor/fryer adjustment, improving overall production efficiency.


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