Privacy Statement

HEISHIN Ltd. and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") has established its "Privacy Policy" as explained below, recognizing that personal information obtained is an important asset and to protect the personal information is an important social liability.

1. Proper Control of Personal Information

The Company has appointed a person responsible for the protection of personal information to ensure that such information is controlled appropriately in accordance with our privacy policy.

2. Obtaining Personal Information

When the Company obtains your personal information, such as full name, postal address, telephone number, E-mail address, the Company will inform you of the purpose of use, as well as whom to contact with any related inquiries. You will only be asked to provide your personal information within the scope appropriate to the purpose.

3. Using Personal Information

The Company will use your personal information to provide you with the Company's products and services, to provide after-sales services, to develop the Company's products and services, to improve the Company's quality, to respond the inquiries from you, to provide you with information on the Company's products and services, and to provide and operate campaigns and events that the Company will organize.

The Company may entrust the Company's group businesses or its contractors with handling personal information in order to provide you with better service. Even in such a case, the Company will select contractors that handle personal information in a proper manner and will make an arrangement with the contractors so that they can control the personal information properly, in order to protect your personal information.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will not provide your personal information to third parties without obtaining prior consent from you, except for sharing the personal information with the Company's group businesses or distributors and providing the personal information to the contractors. However, the Company will provide your personal information in the cases;

  • When complying with laws and regulations.
  • When provision of necessary for the protection of human life or property.
  • When required to cooperate with public authorities, such as law enforcement agency or court.

5. Disclosing Personal Information

The Company will promptly disclose your personal information when you request the Company to do so by the prescribed procedures of the Company, except when disclosure may significantly affect the Company's operations or may do harm to human life, human health, property, or other rights.

When the Company takes an offer to make any correction to, add, delete, discontinue the use of and or erase your personal information by the prescribed procedures of the Company, the Company will conduct a research without delay and surely disclose your personal information if circumstances require.

6. Ensuring and Improving the Information Security

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, the Company will take measures to manage access to personal information, to limit means to carry out personal information, to prevent personal information from being accessed in an unauthorized manner with rules and regulations on information security. The Company will also make reasonable efforts to prevent personal information from being lost, damaged, altered, or leaked, etc.

7. Education and Enlightenment

The Company will ensure that all officers and employees recognize the importance of protecting personal information, and will educate/enlighten them to handle your personal information in a proper manner.

8. Continuous Review and Improvements

While complying with applicable laws and regulations, the Company will make ongoing efforts to review and improve measures taken to protect personal information in response to changes in the social environment.

9. Handling Personal Information on the Web Site

Information that can identify you who accessed such as your full name, postal address, telephone number or E-mail address will not be collected on the Company's Web site without your consent. Information that cannot identify you may be collected, for example a record to which page of the Company's Web site you have visited. Such information may be used to improve the contents of the Company's Web site, etc. When you are asked to provide your personal information on the Company's Web site, the Company will attempt to assure the safety, such as encryption of personal information using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or security technology equivalent to this, in order to prevent the unauthorized access by third parties.

10. Cookies

A system called cookie is used on several pages of the Company’s Web site. Cookies are small data files that are written to your hard disk when you visit a website to make navigating the site more convenient. They are used to identify you when you revisit the Company’s Web site at a later time, but do not collect personally identifiable information.

You can set your browser to turn off cookies. If you do so, however, some areas of the Web sites may not function properly.


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