ProductsSludge Cake Pressure Pump System

Efficient pipe conveyance of low-water sludge cakes

A basic model sludge cake pressure pump system suited for short- and medium-range conveyance


  • Supports sludge cakes with low water content by means of a powerful feeder.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to a built-in plate valve and Victaulic® joints.
  • Pump driving units are also compatible with driving units with mechanical transmissions and AC variable-speed motors with eddy current coupling, etc.

(Victaulic® is a registered trademark of the Victaulic Company)


Discharge volume : 0.07〜34 m³/h
Discharge pressure : MAX 2.4 MPa

Conveyance examples

Sludge cakes, industrial waste water sludge

Other types

A compact model suited for industrial waste water and small-scale sewage.

Discharge volume : 11〜2610 L/h
Discharge pressure : MAX 1.6 MPa


System that connects two pumps for long-distance, high-pressure conveyance.

Discharge volume : 0.17〜29 m³/h
Discharge pressure : MAX 4.8 MPa


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