Mohno PumpsMain Features

Five Main Features of Mohno Pumps

  • 01Non-pulsating, metered conveyance

    The cross-sectional area of the cavities created by the rotor and the stator is always constant, enabling non-pulsating,metered conveyance.

  • 02No damage to fluids

    Fluids draw into the cavity are conveyed in sealed chambers, allowing delicate fluids and fruids containing solids and bubbles to be conveyed with no changes or damage.

  • 03Strong suction

    When a new cavity is formed by the rotation of the rotor, a powerful suction force is produced that draws in even high-viscosity fluids.

  • 04Suction and discharge is reversible

    Suction and discharge can be performed in the opposite direction just by reversing the rotation direction of the rotor.

  • 05Freely controllable flow rate

    As the flow rate is proportional to the pump speed, it can be easily adjusted just by controlling the speed.

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