Mohno Pumps have been introduced to convey high-viscosity fluids and
to apply and fill adhesives in the production of automobiles and
various other components.

Mohno Pumps are introduced for conveying various fluids such as lubricants, polishing solutions, mold-releasing agents, adhesives, and silicone resins, as well as for supplying fluids to dispensers. Meanwhile, Mohno Dispensers contribute to improved work efficiency and cost savings in the application and filling processes for various kinds of sealants, adhesives, grease, and other materials. For more information on Mohno Dispensers, click here.

  • Stable application of liquid gaskets to both the top and side surfaces of engine blocks
  • High-precision application of two-component curable liquid gasket mixtures to head covers
  • Wide application of damper materials and steel sheet stiffeners to hoods, doors, and trunk lids

  • Mohno Dispenser site

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