Mohno Pumps feature an easy-to-disassemble/wash structure for
excellent maintainability, making them a popular choice for
the production of cosmetics.

Whether conveying low-viscosity fluids such as lotions and milk lotions, or high-viscosity fluids such as creams or ointment, Mohno Pumps provide non-pulsating, metered conveyance. The pumps are also capable of conveying and filling without subjecting materials to changes, whether with shampoos or other fluids that foam when stirred, or with delicate scrubs for facial foams and other applications. Mohno Pumps are also easy to disassemble and wash, making them ideal for production lines with frequent fluid changes.

  • Long-range conveyance of detergents
  • Suction from drums of cosmetic creams, with direct filling in containers on a conveyor
  • High-accuracy filling of emulsion without dripping
  • Small lot filling of various kinds of lipsticks
  • Filling a hairdressing product without destroying bubbles

Case Study

  • Mohno Dispenser site

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