ProductsMagnetic Coupling Series

Pumps with no shaft seal for leak-free injection of chemicals

A small-capacity model usable with sodium hypochlorite, PAC, sulfuric acid, and other substances


  • No gas lock.
  • Construction resistant to scale-related injection failures.
  • Up to 1:100 flow control possible.
  • Improved maintainability and longer service life.
  • No shaft seal leaks.
  • Available in a model that can be easily press fitted into the line.
  • 1 to 12% hypochlorite concentrations can be used


Discharge volume : 0.191〜391.6 L/h (Sodium hypochlorite)
Discharge pressure : MAX 0.3 MPa

Conveyance examples

Sodium hypochlorite, PAC, aluminum sulfate, caustic soda, concentrated sulfuric acid, dilute sulfuric acid

Other types

Small to medium capacity model capable of high-pressure injection.

Discharge volume : 20.9〜3167 L/h (Sodium hypochlorite)
Discharge pressure : MAX 0.6 MPa


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