ApplicationsCeramic Slurry

Example of high-precision supply to coating machines
in monolithic ceramic capacitor production

Fluid name: Ceramic Slurry / Industry type: Electrical machinery

Current Problem/Request

When supplying coating fluid containing ceramic to a die coater in capacitor production processes, conventional equipment often faces the following problems.

  • 1. The complicated structure makes assembly and disassembly difficult, so cleaning and maintenance tasks take time.
  • 2. Improper adjustment during assembly can cause the dispensing precision to deteriorate.
  • 3. The wetted parts are abraded by the slurry, requiring frequent replacement.


Using an 2NBL Mohno Pump for coating, which includes a Flow Stabilizer to suppress minute pressure fluctuations, ensures a high-precision supply.


  • The simple structure and small number of parts ensure fast, easy assembly and disassembly for all users.
  • Dispensing precision is stable regardless of the skill of the worker, helping to reduce production losses from adjustments.
  • The alumina (Al2O3) rotor is suitable for supplying ceramic slurry, improving durability and reducing maintenance costs.


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Mohno Pumps for Coating

This pump is suitable for applications requiring a high-precision supply to coating machines.

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