ApplicationsChunky jam

Supplying metered quantities of jam to a pasteurizer without
crushing the berries (with cleaning-in-place requirement)

Fluid name: Jam
/ Industry type: Food

Current Problem/Request

The existing pumps the customer was using for metered supply of jam with berries to the pasteurizer had the following issues.

  • While there was a need for higher system pressure in order to improve sterilization effect, valves could not be used because there were solids in the jam.
  • The current cleaning-in-place of the line was not at a satisfactory cleaning level.
  • Seeds in the berries crushed by the pump were causing wear in parts, degrading the capacity of the system.


The Hygienic series Mohno Pump NHL-F was adopted as the solution as it offers the ability to be cleaned in place and can also keep the berries intact. Another Mohno Pump capable of maintaining in-system pressure via pressure control was also installed on the exit side.


  • Berries mostly keep their shape and concerns about seeds causing wear were eliminated.
  • Equipment can now be cleaned in place to a satisfactory standard.
  • The customer is now able to maintain in-system pressure without the use of valves.


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Mohno Pump Hygienic Series

Standard sanitary pump model that supports a wide range of fluids from watery fluids to high-viscosity fluids.

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