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For use in a variety of manufacturing processes for automobiles (including bodies and powertrains) and automotive electronics.
Introducing Mohno Dispensers and system products useful for a variety of material application and filling processes.

What are
Mohno Dispensers?

The structure of Mohno Dispensers is the same as Mohno Pumps and features a progressing cavity pump that uses rotary positive-displacement.
The products take full advantage of this structure for precise, stable dispensing even with high-viscosity fluids.

Support for high-viscosity fluids even up
to 1000000mPa・s

Stable, high-accuracy applications for
extended periods

Product Lineup

Heishin offers a wide range of products with various flow rates for use in a variety of applications.
Heishin also offers numerous optional and system products.

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ZONE2Automobiles [Body, Powertrain]

Mohno Dispensers are capable of highly precise applications even when used with high-speed robots.
The ability to achieve high-precision, high-speed application enables improved product quality and productivity.
Heishin also offers system products ideal for automobile manufacturing lines.

Mohno Dispenser

A high-capacity model for ultra-high-viscosity fluid application and filling


Mastic sealer, hemming sealer,gap filler, adhesive, steel sheet, stiffener, damping materials, etc.

System Products

Has a charge-type application system for
hose-free use on robot arms.
Heishin Hose-Free System


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Hemming sealer, mastic sealer, etc

ZONE3Automotive Electronics [ECUs, Inverters, Cameras, Motors, Batteries, etc.]

Mohno Dispensers can be used for applying minute amounts of material on automotive electronic components.
Products are selectable according to the usage, such as microliter-level line/point application, wide-area application,
wide-area application, and two-component mixed application.

Mohno Dispenser

A standard model capable of
handling a wide array of fluids


モーノディスペンサー ND型パネル
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Silicone resin, epoxy resin, UV-curing resin, silicone oil, anti-cementation material, lubricants, etc.

A minute application model for μL-level high-accuracy dispensing


モーノディスペンサー ND型パネル
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Thermal material, silicone resin, epoxy resin, lubricant, metal paste, UV resin, adhesive, etc.

High-accuracy dispensing while mixing two-component adhesives
Two-Component Mixture Unit
(ND, HD)


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* Large-capacity models (NDM models) are also available.
Two-component epoxy resin, two-component silicone resin, two-component gap filler, etc.

Feeding Devices/Feed Pump

Smooth application with no dripping fluids or
interruptions caused by air intrusion
Feeding Devices/Feed Pump


モーノディスペンサー ND型パネル
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Related products

Battery manufacturing
For applications requiring a high-accuracy feeding of electrode material:
Mohno Pumps for Coating

For questions about products, contact our Marketing & Sales Department for more information.


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